Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cyndi and Trae's wedding on SMP

I don't know how I missed this...I need to get back in the game! But Cyndi and Trae were featured on Style Me Pretty a few weeks ago. Cyndi and Trae were one of my favorite couples to work with at Inviting Affairs because (and I am about to get snobby here) they have amazing taste, know that nice weddings cost money, listen to good advice and on top of it all they Love Austin and are completely down to earth and friendly. A combination that most couples are lacking. My kind of people! During proofing of the save the dates we started having problems getting proofs though, come to find out, they were at the National Championship game cheering on Texas...need I say more.

xoxo Congrats Cyndi and Trae! Ya'll are an amazing couple and of course I wish you all the best. I will always consider yall freinds. Thank you for making me step out the box and make some pinwheels! Emma and I are now some Pinwheel Pros!!

Event Coordination: Gina at Clink
Photography: Ashley Garmon
And of course...paper by Inviting Affairs. I'm not with them anymore but they will take care of you for sure! Laren and Michelle are the owners, and Emma is there a couple days a week to do custom work! She is very talented,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

random CD's

QUESTION::: I am trying to pack all by myself to downgrade from a 3 bedroom to a 1 bedroom. SO what do I do with the CD's? can you give them to charity or no more? Should I keep a couple to show my kids what a cd is? This is so hard, I'm not a pack rat or anything :) Good thing storage is cheap cause all those Barbies are not going on Ebay yet!

This is such a nightmare right now but I know that things will eventually work themselves out again. I am going into the room that I had not dealt with for the past 10 months since Gil left and dealing with what I was avoiding. It is not fun, but at some point it must be done. I do not have a choice anymore. Still not sure what to do with all of "our" stuff but I am trying to get through it one piece at a time.

It is hard to pack and move everything not having that person there to help you, but I'm gonna make it. Sorry for the sad stuff :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Whale of a Chardonnay

West met East when St. Francis Winery in Santa Rosa, California joined forces with Vineyard Vines to create "A Whale of a Chardonnay". This crisp, light and summery wine combines the Good Life with the joy of giving back by donating $15 of the sale price to Waterkeeper Alliance. The bottle features the signature pink whale and also comes with a specially designed VV wine tote which I want so bad and makes it all worth it!! This would make a perfect Christmas gift for your favorite prep! But you have to hurry, only 90 cases were made and it has been for sale a while so there may not be much left!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Preparing to Vacate!

Very soon I will be here:
With these people:

Updates to come!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

David Tutera

I know that he is great at what he does and everything, but 25 years in the industry and you have NEVER seen a bride in boots....What???

Friday, June 25, 2010

I completely love this new show! This is my summertime guilty pleasure. The characters are complex and I can see them developing so much more. My favorite story line right now is Aria who is hooking up with her teacher, because I know he has a secret too (everyone does) but Spencer is quickly grabbing my attention because I know that she knows so much more than she is letting on. Go catch up NOW, it is only 3 episodes in and sooooo good! As soon as the season is over, I am buying all the books because I just have to know everything!!!!

I only know ONE spoiler don't read further if you don't want to know about the TWIN....

My suspicions (and they are just suspicions)...
-Allison is really dead, but the girl we know as Allison is really her twin sister (the girls were never friends with the real Allison, but her twin that was pretending to be Allison)
-Spencer knows who that short haired guy is that was staring at her at the party, and that is the guy that took Emily's pictures out of the photobooth
-Fake "Allison" (the twin) was dating the guy that went off to rehab after the fire and she somehow bribed him to take the blame
-Jenna is the only one that knows that "Allison" is really the twin and not the real Allison
-The girl that moved in to Allison's house and makes out with Emily definitely has a secret, because everyone does
-I can't figure out Spencer but she knows something...she is the one I am most intrigued by right now, I know she holds some major clues.


Wedding Emma+Chris

I was so fortunate coordinate such an amazing wedding for my dear friends Emma and Chris! The details were out of control! They did an amazing job with all of the planning and design and made my job easy! Here are some awesome detail shots as well as my FAVORITE picture of Colby! Congratulations ya'll!

Photography by katherine O'brian
Stationery Design by Emma James

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


In honour of the upcoming Prom (circa 1989) here is a little flashback fun! We are having full on Prom including a photobooth, crowning of prom King and Queen, spiked punch, keg beer (keg stands quite possible), a dance off, etc. The theme is MIAMI NIGHTS and the theme song is "It's my Prerogative". We have have official prom cups, t-shirts and gift bags. And I fully plan on purchasing a vintage Caboodle to tote my makeup in. Here are some 80's pics that have been used as inspiration:

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I've been on blogging hiatus ever sense I came home from work on April 1st to NO COMPUTER!! I guess I had left my door open that day and someone came by in search of a MacBook. Well they got it...Well, I finally was able to replace it this week so now I am back in action!

Today, me, my mom and step dad went shopping at IKEA!! I got a new green area rug, yellow curtains, throw pillows, a wood salad bowl and a mini glass pitcher. Fun!!!!

This rug is not quite so limey in person but it is really bright and fun!
Before Ikea, we had gone to brunch at 219 West and it was delicious. 219 has always been my favorite bar, and now they started having brunch, my favorite meal!! I had the Skinny Chick which is a chicken sandwich with avocado. It was so delicious AND they have $7 carafes of Mimosas and about 4 creative Bloody Mary's.

It was a great weekend with Mom and Terry!! I wish they could have stayed longer! Terry flew back today and my Mom goes tomorrow, but before she eaves we are going to work on my office.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Cool Gal at It's the World I Know is giving away this great Meyer's gift pack. I LOVE the Meyer's packaging and it gets me every time I see it in the store!! Note: the geranium scent has the prettiest color but is NOT the best one. Go for he verbena scent...way better! So go check it out, I just started following but I read back several posts and am so excited to continue reading Cool Gal's blog!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tonight I am just hanging around the house in this cute and comfy little number that finally came in from Targets Liberty line today.

I also got this storage bin the the Sixty pattern. I think it was $8 so I was not sure about the quality or size it would actually be but I am really impressed. It is fabric covered and is the perfect size to hold all the random living room stuff in one place.
For dinner I tried out a recipe that I found over at one of my favorite blogs:
The only adjustments I made were that I did not use cutlets because I went to the store that does not usually sell them and I was to lazy to drive to the one that does, and I used turkey bacon to cut back on some calories and fat. I also had some asparagus to use so I wrapped 2 spears in each chicken breast. It came out really good, the only thing I would change was that I used 2 slices of bacon on each but I would cut it back to 1. I ended up pulling most if it off before I got to the end. It was really bacony. I ate it with a green salad and a Pyramid hefeweisen.
It was a delicious dinner! Thanks for the recipe!

4 chicken cutlets
chive and onion cream cheese
salt and pepper

Pound out the chicken cutlets. I did not have cutlets so I really had to pound them out.
Season with salt and pepper. Smear your desired amount of cream cheese on each chicken breast and roll them up.
Wrap a slice of bacon around each chicken breast. You can secure it with a toothpick if you think it's necessary.
It's up to you what pan to bake it on- if you use a baking dish, it'll keep the chicken more moist because the juices will stay with the chicken. The downside is that the bacon on the bottom will not be crispy. If you cook it on a broiler pan you will have crispier bacon all around but you risk your chicken being drier if you over cook. Do what you want!
Personally I used a broiler pan because I like my bacon extra crispy, the chicken cooked perfectly and did not dry out.
Bake 35 minute at 400 and broil for another 5 to get the bacon crispy.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Breaker

If you are a traveler, you need to go to See Jane Fly and print this form! I am a a CRAZY planner. It does not even bother me when I do not stick to said plans, I just like to make them! This worksheet is must have anytime you are leaving home for a trip.

See Jane Fly is an awesome website where you will find tons of information to help you plan your next jaunt!

Monogrammed houndstooth luggage available at

Friday, March 19, 2010

Some of my all time favorite wedding inspiration

Adam and Halli's wedding still makes me happy every single time I see it. Everything is so fun and creative. Her dress and the kissing booth are definitely filed away in my dream wedding folder.

Photography by Josh Goleman

The best part of this wedding is how many friends and family pitched in to make it happen. I just love everything about it and congrats to Adam and Halli who are coming up on their 1 year anniversary!

Check out Josh's website to see their engagement shoot which is equally as amazing.
And this post on Southern Weddings for more details

My new toy

Will be here in a couple days!! I am soooo excited!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lovely Spring Dresses from Lilly

I LOVE shopping for my Easter dress every year and of course Lilly always has the best choices. This year is the first time I will be spending Easter in Illinois though so I don't even know if it will be warm enough yet for sandals...{gasp}
I'll work it out. I am sure it will be fine, if not I may just have to have chilly toes.

Preppy Princess Givaway

Preppy Princess is giving away 5 fabulous items!! I am simply crazy about the Jet Set duffel with the anchor print! Head over to the Preppy Princess blog to check it all out and enter yourself! Also take a look through the website that is FILLED with darling products you wont be able to live without!