Wednesday, November 17, 2010

random CD's

QUESTION::: I am trying to pack all by myself to downgrade from a 3 bedroom to a 1 bedroom. SO what do I do with the CD's? can you give them to charity or no more? Should I keep a couple to show my kids what a cd is? This is so hard, I'm not a pack rat or anything :) Good thing storage is cheap cause all those Barbies are not going on Ebay yet!

This is such a nightmare right now but I know that things will eventually work themselves out again. I am going into the room that I had not dealt with for the past 10 months since Gil left and dealing with what I was avoiding. It is not fun, but at some point it must be done. I do not have a choice anymore. Still not sure what to do with all of "our" stuff but I am trying to get through it one piece at a time.

It is hard to pack and move everything not having that person there to help you, but I'm gonna make it. Sorry for the sad stuff :)

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