Sunday, April 18, 2010

I've been on blogging hiatus ever sense I came home from work on April 1st to NO COMPUTER!! I guess I had left my door open that day and someone came by in search of a MacBook. Well they got it...Well, I finally was able to replace it this week so now I am back in action!

Today, me, my mom and step dad went shopping at IKEA!! I got a new green area rug, yellow curtains, throw pillows, a wood salad bowl and a mini glass pitcher. Fun!!!!

This rug is not quite so limey in person but it is really bright and fun!
Before Ikea, we had gone to brunch at 219 West and it was delicious. 219 has always been my favorite bar, and now they started having brunch, my favorite meal!! I had the Skinny Chick which is a chicken sandwich with avocado. It was so delicious AND they have $7 carafes of Mimosas and about 4 creative Bloody Mary's.

It was a great weekend with Mom and Terry!! I wish they could have stayed longer! Terry flew back today and my Mom goes tomorrow, but before she eaves we are going to work on my office.