Friday, June 25, 2010

I completely love this new show! This is my summertime guilty pleasure. The characters are complex and I can see them developing so much more. My favorite story line right now is Aria who is hooking up with her teacher, because I know he has a secret too (everyone does) but Spencer is quickly grabbing my attention because I know that she knows so much more than she is letting on. Go catch up NOW, it is only 3 episodes in and sooooo good! As soon as the season is over, I am buying all the books because I just have to know everything!!!!

I only know ONE spoiler don't read further if you don't want to know about the TWIN....

My suspicions (and they are just suspicions)...
-Allison is really dead, but the girl we know as Allison is really her twin sister (the girls were never friends with the real Allison, but her twin that was pretending to be Allison)
-Spencer knows who that short haired guy is that was staring at her at the party, and that is the guy that took Emily's pictures out of the photobooth
-Fake "Allison" (the twin) was dating the guy that went off to rehab after the fire and she somehow bribed him to take the blame
-Jenna is the only one that knows that "Allison" is really the twin and not the real Allison
-The girl that moved in to Allison's house and makes out with Emily definitely has a secret, because everyone does
-I can't figure out Spencer but she knows something...she is the one I am most intrigued by right now, I know she holds some major clues.


Wedding Emma+Chris

I was so fortunate coordinate such an amazing wedding for my dear friends Emma and Chris! The details were out of control! They did an amazing job with all of the planning and design and made my job easy! Here are some awesome detail shots as well as my FAVORITE picture of Colby! Congratulations ya'll!

Photography by katherine O'brian
Stationery Design by Emma James